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EZ Oranges Stuffed with Ice Cream Recipe

April 30, 2012

6  oranges

1  qt orange sherbet

1  qt vanilla ice cream

3   oz Cointreau

mint for garnish


Cut top off oranges,scoop out pulp with grapefruit spoon and reserve small amount of pulp and juice. Mix sherbet with softened ice cream.Add Cointreau,pulp and juice.Stuff into orange shells and freeze 2 hours.Garnish with spring of mint.


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  1. That sounds great and refreshing!

  2. Yella Ojrak permalink

    Reblogged this on OJRAK II and commented:
    Nyolong dari blog seseorang yang katanya (jare wong’e dewe) seksi. Cobalah kau buat… Invite a girlfriend, or two, three, and jejeli cangkemnya pake ini. Maknyuss!

  3. drsuraiyanasim permalink

    Yummmm for summers!

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